No one told be about this shit!

So when I was 12, I didn’t know periods were a thing. 
My ‘sex ed’ class covered just that - Sex. Also sexual diseases, contraceptives  what rape is, stuff like that. Basic anatomy too, but nothing about girl cycles. 

One day, I had stomach cramps. I was in the pool swimming most of the day, passed it off on eating before swimming. 

Please note, As a kid, I thrashed around in my sleep. 

The next morning, I woke up and there was literally blood everywhere. On my legs, stomach, smeared on my forearm and the smell was everywhere. I pulled the blankets back and there was a small pool of it,  I was bleeding from my privates and I found a piece of the uterine wall lining stick to my leg.

Understatement when saying that I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT

Screaming, hysterical sobbing, clutching at my gut, the whole deal. 

My dad burst in and started freaking out as well, since there was blood everywhere and I was screaming my head off, clutching at my abdomen. 

He kept saying ‘Where does it hurt?! What’s wrong, Talk to me!’  and all I could say was something like ‘I’m dying, my guts are falling out!

And because he was freaking out, I started freaking out MORE, until my aunt came in and stood in the doorway.

I met her eyes and she was shocked for a second, before getting this look of realization, and then “Oh I am 600% DONE” And just pushed my dad out of the room.  "I’ll deal with this, grab some wet paper towels."

Then we had a long talk about how cycles work and how I’ll have to keep a calendar for it, and after I realized that I was not, in fact, dying, I was paranoid that I’d be grounded because I ruined some really nice white sheets. 

I believe I also proposed that we fashion a device to gather the blood for use in rituals or something. “It counts as virgin blood, right?”

I was a strange child. 

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